Labor Minister Sejaan Azzi announced Wednesday the cancellation of licenses for employment offices and the fining of foreign worker recruitment agencies over different violations.

In a statement Azzi said the employment offices were not complying with their legal obligations and therefore had their licenses revoked.

Inspectors from the ministry also fined a number of recruitment agencies for employing foreign workers who had no valid work permits.

The owners of these agencies were referred to the public prosecutor.

Azzi announced last month that the number of work permit renewals for domestic workers in Lebanon had decreased by 60 percent, adding that a new system for recruitment offices had been put in place as part of a reform plan in his ministry.

He announced that some 627 recruitment offices used to operate in Lebanon before the ministry began shutting many down as a part of the reforms, adding that there were now 573 offices in the country.

Source & Link: The Daily Star