Social Affairs Minister Rashid Derbas warned Thursday that Lebanon’s future is in danger because of the Syrian refugee crisis, calling on the international community to hold its share of responsibility.

“Lebanon is trying to cope with the Syrian presence but I have to tell you this in all honesty: This is an issue of partnership and it’s not just an Arab issue, but it’s an international partnership,” Derbas said during a conference in Egypt on female refugees.

Derbas said that every “partner” should take their share of the burden.

“Some people are offering their share through works and others through aid, but in Lebanon, our share is simply a matter of destiny,” he added.

Since the Syrian conflict broke out in 2011, around 1.1 million refugees have officially registered with the U.N. in Lebanon. The real figure is believed to be much higher.

The huge influx of refugees has put an enormous strain on the country’s already dire economy and infrastructure.

Derbas warned that if the situation regarding the Syrian refugees in Lebanon doesn't change, the country will face “what is unaccounted for.”

Source & Link: The Daily Star