The Special Tribunal for Lebanon Tuesday delayed a decision to continue the case against Mustafa Badreddine until the prosecutor confirms news of the Hezbollah commander's death.
The Trial Chamber will wait for Prosecutor Norman Farrell to confirm the news on Baddreddine's death before determining how to proceed with the case, a source told The Daily Star.
The decision was made during a session that was adjourned after five-minutes, the source added.
Hezbollah announced last week the death of top commander Badreddine, a key suspect in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.
In 2010, Badreddine was one of five Hezbollah members indicted for Hariri’s assassination. All five are being tried in absentia.
The tribunal said in a statement Friday that it "took note of the reports in the media announcing the death of Mustafa Amin Badreddine... pending a judicial determination, the STL is not in a position to make any comment on this announcement in the media."
Officials at the STL refused to elaborate on how his death would affect the trial.
It is possible that prosecutors will simply continue their case and seek a posthumous verdict against him. Badreddine is alleged to have played a central role in the conspiracy.

Source & Link: The Daily Star