On the 42nd anniversary of the beginning of Lebanon’s Civil War, the International Committee of the Red Cross Thursday called on Lebanese authorities to pass a law clarifying the fate of those who have gone missing during armed conflicts in the country since 1975.
In a statement, the ICRC also urged the government to approve a project to collect DNA samples from the missing persons’ families.
“The families of missing persons have been waiting for years, anxious to receive news about their loved ones,” Fabrizzio Carboni, the head of the ICRC delegation to Lebanon, said in a statement.
“Unfortunately, we are running out of time: mothers and fathers are dying heartbroken without knowing what happened to their sons and daughters.”
Thousands of people from all backgrounds and sides of the conflict went missing in Lebanon during the Civil War. Under international humanitarian law, governments are required to clarify the fate of persons who go missing in conflict.

Source & Link: The Daily Star