CLDH condemns the attacks by the group called “Soldiers of God” on LGBTIQ+ individuals and allies. Soldiers of God commanded a series of attacks and threats for the past two years with the most recent one taking place in August where they physically attacked individuals using death threats while being armed. This incident follows several anti- LGBTIQ+ speeches in Lebanon, and backlash on LGBTIQ + individuals and allies by individuals of power and politicians. 

In an attempt to uphold the rule of law, combat impunity, and prevent extremism and violence, CLDH submitted a Denunciation to the Public Prosecutor's Office following the most recent incident, and the numerous videos and pictures shared on social media documenting it, citing many articles of the Lebanese Penal Code as a basis for this Denunciation including Article 336 (1) of the same Code.  

 The Public Prosecutor at the Court of Cassation has sent the Denunciation to the Beirut Public Prosecutor, and CLDH awaits the response of Judge Ziad Abi Haidar and asks for an investigation into the violent crimes against individuals and properties, and the prosecution of the group called “Soldiers of God” for creating a group whose purpose is to discriminate and induce violence and agitation against LGBTIQ+ individuals and allies, sending death threats, vandalism and destroying private and public properties.  

It is the Judiciary’s responsibility to respond to this Denunciation and investigate this case to the full extent of its legal capacities, ensuring there is no delay in justice being served.  


(1)‘Members of a group of three or more persons operating on public highways and in rural areas as an armed band with a view to robbing passers-by, attacking persons or property, or committing any other act of robbery, shall be liable to fixed-term hard labor for a minimum term of seven years. They shall be sentenced to hard labor for life if they committed one of the above-mentioned acts.’