Despite the fact that CLDH submitted a Denunciation to the Public Prosecutor’s office at the Court of Cassation on 28-08-2023, following the attacks and threats on LGBTIQ+ individuals and allies by Soldiers of God, no investigation into these violent attacks has been opened, and no decision to investigate, prosecute and punish perpetrators, and protect individuals still at risk up until today was taken.  

Lebanese authorities are deliberately turning a blind eye to these series of attacks which are concerningly increasing day after day. 

During most recent attacks, Soldiers of God physically and verbally attacked individuals and robbed them of their belongings. Things took a dangerous turn with some individuals receiving death threats.  


CLDH denounces these neglectful actions and urges relevant Lebanese authorities, especially judicial authorities to open an investigation into these attacks that could happen again at any time. These attacks pose a real threat to public safety, encourage armed groups to carry out acts of violence and discriminate against specific members of society. An investigation is more than needed to bring an end to impunity. Turning a blind eye to these dangerous groups paves the way to the creation of more groups, which is exactly what we saw with the emergence of Jnoud El Fayha in Tripoli.