Exactly a month after Israel targeted journalists in South Lebanon and killed videographer Issam Al Abdalla, Israeli occupation forces targeted a group of journalists again, while they were live on TV, covering the recent developments on the outskirts of the southern city of Yaroun, hitting the area with 2 rockets. These journalists were targeted despite wearing their press vests, resulting in the injuring of photographer Issam Mouassi, from Al Jazeera.  

This attack is one of many coordinated by this occupying force against journalists in Lebanon and Palestine in an attempt to silence the voices of truth. Since October 7, we can detect a specific pattern of targeting journalist and their families in Gaza, where close to 42 journalists and media personnel were killed as of 13 November 2023. These horrific attacks are in direct violation of the Human Rights Council Resolution on the Safety of Journalists as well as Article 79 of Protocol I of the Geneva Convention which states “Journalists engaged in dangerous professional missions in areas of armed conflict shall be considered as civilians and shall be protected as such under the Conventions”  

Civilian journalists tasked with covering armed conflicts must be respected and protected from any form of intentional attacks. Media personnel aren’t and should never be a target during armed conflicts and wars. The Lebanese Center for Human Rights condemns this blatant attack and the repeated violations of International Humanitarian Law in Lebanon and Palestine, calling for holding Israel accountable for its war crimes before the International Criminal Court.